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Sailors face and overcome many hazards as they go about their important daily missions. One place proves fatal much too often: the roadway. We've lost too many Sailors as a result of preventable crashes.

During holiday travel, think of where you want to be and where your family will want you to be when it is over. Practice Risk Management. Do your part - fill out a risk assessment and have your supervisor review it. Once you are aware of driving risks, you can more easily manage them.

- Wear Your Seatbelt; Avoid Drinking and Driving.
- Slow Down and Increase your following distance.
- Avoid Distractions and get plenty of rest.

To Date over 333,000 TRiPS assessments have been completed by Navy personnel without a single motor vehicle fatality of anyone traveling on an approved risk assessment. Positive proof TRiPS works and that supervisors play a vital element in the travel plans of their subordinates.