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Consider how difficult it would be if you had to call a Coast Guard family to tell them that their son, daughter, father or mother had died. It would be even more sobering if that tragic death occurred in a private motor vehicle accident, the majority of which are preventable. If you think this scenario doesn’t happen very often – think again. Since 1994, the Coast Guard has had 86 members lose their lives as a result of motor vehicle mishaps.

This PMV Risk Assessment is a 'mission' planning tool – in this instance, your travel is your mission. Will this program prevent you from having an accident? NO! But it will certainly reduce the risks involved in your travel. This assessment is designed to reinforce common sense driving principles such as: staying alert, not drinking, getting adequate sleep, wearing your seatbelt, and slowing down. You will also read true accounts of accidents that happened to other service members – from scenarios that resemble your plans to make the trip entered into the assessment.

So be responsible and do your part. Complete the PMV Risk Assessment and have your supervisor review it. Identify and evaluate the risks identified - and take the appropriate actions to make your travel safer.