NOTICE: TRiPS is no longer a regulatory requirement. USACRC will continue to host the program on its website. Although no longer mandatory, TRiPS has proven to be a valuable tool for travel planning.  Historically, users are less likely to have a travel related mishap while on leave, pass or TDY when leadership is engaged and reviews their personnel's travel plans.



It’s a horrible job telling a family that their loved one is dead. It is even more sobering when it happened in a POV.

TRiPS is a mission planning tool and your drive is your mission. Will this program prevent you from having an accident? NO! This assessment is designed to reinforce common sense driving such as: staying alert, not drinking, getting adequate sleep, wearing your seatbelt, and slowing down. You will also read true accident stories that happened to real Soldiers -- just like you driving home on leave.

So do your part. Fill out TRiPS and have your supervisor review it. Be aware of driving risks and take appropriate action.